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Gantry Crane V

The Gantry Crane V is designed for indoor and outside use and can be equipped with any manual or electric hoist. The strong V-supports allow a high carrying capacity, a high span and a high construction height. The clamping connection between V-supports and beam enables a continuously adjustable span. The all bolt connection guarantees an easy and fast erection of the crane. Big steel wheels of a diameter of approx. 400 mm allow an easy run. For a simple moving of the crane on even and solid ground, the crane can be equipped with ratchet drive acting on 2 wheels. The wheels can be fixed at 90° intervals, two of them can be additionaly locked. Coat of varnish: orange, RAL 2000.

Gantry Crane VH

The Gantry Crane VH can be adjusted in height via bolts.

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