We look forward to getting to know you!

Although we have been around for many years, we have not lost our curiosity for new things. We look forward to your tasks and are also happy to take on "tricky" challenges. 

Get in touch, our practice-oriented solutions will convince you!

These are your contact persons:

Gerd Greßbach


Telephon: +49-6022-6847-0  Mail: g.gressbach[at]wimag.de

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Claudia Greßbach

Authorised Signatory / Foreign Correspondence

Telephone: +49-6022-6847-0  Mail: c.gressbach[at]wimag.de

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Marco Krug

Purchase and Sales

Telephone: +49-6022-6847-16  Mail: m.krug[at]wimag.de

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Dietmar Freimuth


Telephone: +49-6022-6847-15  Mail: d.freimuth[at]wimag.de

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Kerstin Klawitter

Shipping / Order Processing

Telephone: +49-6022-6847-25  Mail: k.klawitter[at]wimag.de

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Oliver Heidrich

Production Management

Telephone: +49-6022-6847-23  Mail: o.heidrich[at]wimag.de

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Clemens Märtin

Authorised Signatory / Construction / Development

Telephone: +49-6022-6847-33  Mail: c.maertin[at]wimag.de

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Marco Pfeuffer


Telephone: +49-6022-6847-32  Mail: m.pfeuffer[at]wimag.de

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Vera Krumsiek


Telephone: +49-6022-6847-13  Mail: v.krumsiek[at]wimag.de

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Andrea Hohm

Purchase / Human Resources

Telephone: +49-6022-6847-0  Mail: a.hohm[at]wimag.de

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