Vacuum lifter for landscapers, natural stone companies, machine builders, ...

Our vacuum lifters support you in a wide variety of jobs.

The handy Alpha-Levator with battery or mains operation makes it easier for you to lay air-impermeable slabs of concrete or natural stone. Plastics or sheet metal can also be lifted easily with the Alpha-Levator.

The Beta-Levator with battery operation is the vacuum lifter for slabs in landscaping. All smooth/rough and air-impermeable slabs, such as natural stone or concrete slabs, can be easily transported and laid with the Beta-Levator.

The Beta H-Levator with battery operation is used on a hoist. It can transport absorbent materials up to 150 kg.

The vacuum lifter Turbo M-Levator was specially developed for manually lifting highly porous materials, such as natural stone or concrete slabs.  Suction plates up to 200 kg are available.

The vacuum lifter Turbo H-Levator was developed for lifting porous materials, such as natural stone or concrete slabs.  Suction plates up to 600kg are available.

The battery-powered vacuum lifter Gamma-Levator is used in lifting operations for suction-tight surfaces. Suction plates up to 800kg are available.

The Uni-Levator was developed by us as a modular system for manual as well as for hoist use.

The Kappa-Levator is the strongest link of our vacuum lifters. It is operated with a petrol or electric motor and used for loads up to 3,000 kg.

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810 | Alpha-Levator

818 | Turbo M-Levator

816 | Beta-Levator

819 | Turbo H-Levator

817 | Beta H-Levator

820 | Gamma-Levator

818-1 | Tubi-Levator

840 | Uni-Levator

860 | Kappa-Levator