New Developments

Well thought-out and practical: these are the new devices from WIMAG.

These practice-oriented solutions will convince you. High-quality products can only be developed by using state-of-the-art technologies. This is particularly important for systems that are individually designed according to customer requirements. Complicated tasks particularly excite the creativity of our engineers.

All New Developments from WIMAG

138 | Manhole cover lifter

124 | Mini Pipe Layer | Novelty 2019: The WIMAG Mini Pipe Layer 124

118 | Pipe Chain Sling | Novelty 2020 : Effortless transport of pipes/reinforced concrete pipes due to 50% weight reduction.

518 | Aluminium Jib Crane | Novelty 2019: Our new Aluminium Jib Crane 518

817 | Beta H-Levator | Novelty 2019: Beta H-Levator 817