We at WIMAG have many years of crane construction experience

Various crane solutions, for a wide range of applications.

Our V-gantry crane and the KPK trestle crane are suitable for a manually or electrically operated hoist for indoor and outdoor use. The aluminium four-legged crane is optimal for quick assembly and disassembly by one person and is made of high-quality aluminium profiles. Height-adjustable supports make it advantageous when used on uneven terrain or when unloading from a truck.

Our overhead travelling crane SLK with trolley and slewing arm is designed for a large working area. Are you looking for a suspended overhead travelling crane for attachment to the ceiling? Our overhead travelling crane HLK is designed for you. Suitable for a large working area without disturbing supports. We also offer you a perfect solution for mobile use. Our slewing crane WIMAG 555 is easily movable and can be slewed through 360°.

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