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WIMAG produces lifting equipment for road construction, house building, gardening and landscaping as well as for many other industries.

Lifting equipment is an indispensable aid for transporting and laying slabs. We also offer solutions for the safe transport of concrete parts, concrete blocks, paving stones, palisades and more. In our assortment you will find various cable winches, tongs such as flat tongs, block tongs or pile tongs, lifters for kerbstones, ledge stones or grabs for stones.

Our lifting beams are available in many designs such as lattice box lifting beams, cross lifting beams, big bag lifting beams, frame lifting beams, special lifting beams, forklift lifting beams for steel mats, long hook lifting beams, adjustable lifting beams or H lifting beams. We can also offer you individual solutions in the area of lifting equipment with special constructions.

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200 | Rope Winches

305 | Clamp For Upright Slabs

315| Flat Grab

350| Floor Panel Lifting Gear

383 | Hollow Block Clamp

450 | Pallet Lifter PH

206 | Motor For Manual Winch

307 | Border Stone Lifter

316 | Boulder Grab

355 | Gutter Stone Clamp

405 | Lifting Beams

451 | Pallet Lifter PHA

300 | Flat Clamp

308 | Kerb Stone Lifter

330| Wall Panel Lifting Gear

380 | Stone Clamp

410 | Aluminium Lifting Beam

303 | Block Clamp

309 | Screw Clamp

346 | Jumbo Block Pincer

382 | Stone Lifter

422 | Load Rotating Beam

Individual Solutions

If you cannot find the right lifting equipment for your application here, then visit our "Special designs" page now.

With our special designs, we offer you optimised solutions for your individual requirements.

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