860 | Kappa-Levator

The strong vacuum lifter for heavy pieces

Kappa Levator: the strong vacuum lifter for the handling of natural stones, concrete plates, pipes, metal plates …

The Kappa Levator is the strongest member of our Levator technology. It is specially designed for the handling of heavy and/or porous material, where a large volume flow and a high low pressure are required. The Levator can be suspended to any kind of carrying equipment such as an excavator or a wheel loader by means of the load hook.

The vacuum is created by a powerful vane-type rotary pump. This robust pump is oil-greased, designed for non-stop operation and produces very little noise.

The drive of the vacuum pump is actuated by a petrol engine, an electric motor or the hydraulic system on the lifting equipment (e.g. excavator).

Immediately after positioning the Levator, it attaches itself securely to the surface. To release the Levator, open a valve by hand. The vacuum is controlled by a visual warning sign. Vacuum storage, air and water filter are integrated within the equipment.

For transport both handles can be reinserted and thus protect the suction pads. The self-adhesive sealings are to be changed in a fast and easy manner.

The Kappa Levator can also be delivered as a moveable basic unit to connect separate suction pads. For manual operation also different suction pads can be connected with the basic unit at the same time.

The Kappa Levator must only be used close to the ground (max 1.8 m above ground).According to EN 13155 the vacuum lifter must be additionally equipped with a form-locking holding device (eg. with two safety chains) during operation on site.

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