818 | Turbo M-Levator

Turbo M-Levator: the perfect vacuum lifter, also for very porous materials like concrete plates, ...

The Turbo M-Levator has especially been developed for the manual lifting of very porous materials like natural or concrete plates. The surface can be smooth or rough.

The strong turbine immediately adheres to the plate after positioning. The Turbo M-Levator first releases the panel again when required: move lever. The power is effected by mains supply 230 V - 50 Hz. The suction plate is sealed by a flexible rubber. The sealing is self-adhesive and can easily be exchanged in case of wear and tear. The equipment is equipped with a pressure gauge to control the vacuum.

The carrying capacity of the integrated suction plate is 50 kg. Bigger suction plates with a maximal carrying capacity of 200 kg can easily be exchanged via both toggle clamps. According to EN 13155, the Turbo M-Levator with the hoisting module (suspension eye, safety chain, chain box, protection against unintentional operation) can also be applied in the machine hoisting operation.

Individual suction plates, for example for border stones or kerbstones, are available. Special designs for special outlines are no problem.

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