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Travelling Crane

Travelling Crane SLK

The stationary travelling crane SLK is a simple frame system. The trolley with pivoting arm covers a large working area. By pushing the load the cantilever can be simply pivoted and the trolley moved.

For easier moving the trolley can also be delivered with a hand-geared trolley. Any manual or electric hoist or even a vacuum hose lifter with an eye can be fitted into the load hook.

Travelling Crane HLK

The suspended travelling crane HLK is designed to be mounted at the ceiling. No disturbing supports enable a large working area. The travelling crane is designed for indoor operation. The beam consists of an aluminium section. The rest of the construction is made of painted steel. The weight of the hoist may not exceed 20 kg.

Extent of supply: travelling crane with mounting plates (without mounting devices), trolley with pivoting arm (without hoist and without hand-geared trolley).

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