131 | Round Grab

Round grab WRG from WIMAG for safe pipe transport even under the toughest conditions.

Sling or Pipe Grab?

Slings can be used for handling pipes when the pipes are positioned on a squared beam and when the sling can be pushed through underneath the pipe. The advantages of the slings are, however: high carrying capacity, lightweight and inexpensive.

Pipe Grabs are mechanical grabs. They are very solid and assure safe pipe handling. A complete encircling of the load is not necessary as the load is held by frictional and embracing forces.

Why not combine both advantages in one single piece of equipment?

The result is the WIMAG Round Grab WRG:

The solid steel construction assures safe pipe handling even under the toughest circumstances. Due to the built-in automatic mechanism, the round grab opens and closes automatically when picking up or positioning the pipe. The large clamping range is quickly and simply adjusted via a bolt. A control panel guarantees the correct adjustment of the clamping range. The easily adjustable support provides additional safety during handling. The solid suspension eye can be fitted into any lifting equipment.

The wide slings assure careful and safe transport even of delicate or coated pipes. The slings are covered with a protective tube. The slings are additionaly protected against wear and tear by protective plates situated at the bottom.

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