135 | Road Gully Grab

Road Gully Grap for laying and positioning road gullies

The laying and positioning of road gullies in accordance with DIN 4052 in the excavations is a task in the everyday life of the civil engineer that can only be mastered with great effort.

The drain bases, which can weigh up to 250 kg, have to be laid by hand with an exact fit, which is both strenuous and, above all, time-consuming. With the new SAG-450 road gully grabber, this work can now be carried out effortlessly by one man: time-saving and with centimetre precision. It is used in the area close to the ground.

The work sequence is very simple: The SAG is placed on the floor to be laid and attached to any lifting gear. After lifting the pawl, the soil can be lowered into the excavation and positioned. After lowering, the grab opens by itself.

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