News from WIMAG

Hooray! Our new homepage is ready.

WIMAG presents itself "responsive".

With the complete renovation of our website, we now present our products in an equally contemporary and practical way. We have placed particular emphasis on the "Responsivenes" and the "Usability", i.e. the usability on PC and on mobile devices. Because we know that at least 60% of our customers use iPads or smartphones when they visit our homepage.

Watch movies, import contact data via QR code, or the WIMAG icon on your home screen: All important functions like phone numbers, location and of course our products, are now no more than two clicks away from the homepage. 

If you are reading this report, you may have found us on the Internet after entering a search term on Google. This is because we have put additional emphasis on making our company easy to find on search engines. For this reason alone, the complete technical redesign of our website was essential.

What do you think, did we succeed with the new site?