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Gamma-Levator: Vacuum Lifter With A Rechargeable Battery

Gamma-Levator: The Vacuum Lifter With A Rechargeable Battery For Machine Hoisting Operation

All even and air-tight natural stone-, concrete plates or even metal plates can be handled horizontally easily with the Gamma-Levator. It can be fitted to any material handling lifting equipment.

The Levator system is designed for handling smooth as well as rough plates.

The power is supplied via a rechargeable 12V battery. Therefore, no current or compressed air supply is necessary.

Immediately after positioning the Levator, it will attach itself securely to the plate. The Levator releases the plate, only when required, by opening the sliding switch.

The vacuum is controlled by a visual warning sign, the battery output by a voltmeter.

All component parts are packed into a box.

The Gamma-Levator must only be used close to the ground (max. 1.8m above ground). According to EN 13155 the vacuum lifter must be additionally equipped with a form-locking holding device (e.g. two safety chains) during operation on site.

Scope of delivery

12V battery, sufficient for 8 hours‘ working operation, vacuum pump, water trap, filter, voltmeter, pressure gauge, vacuum storage, non-return valve, visual warning sign, ready for operation.

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