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Portable Gantry Crane KPK

The Portable Gantry Crane KPK is suitable for the operation of a manual or electric hoist indoors and outdoors. It is well movable on even, solid ground. The clear width LB can be steplessly adjusted via the clamping connection between supports and beam. The crane is easily mountable and dismountable. Both undercarriages are equipped with steering wheels with 4-fold direction stop, two wheels additionally have a rotation stop. Up to a carrying capacity of 1 tonne: wheel-Ø 200 mm with vulkollan coating. Over a carrying capacity of 1 tonne : wheel-Ø 250 mm with polyamide coating. Coat of varnish: orange, RAL 2000.

Portable Gantry Crane KPK-ZH

The Portable Gantry Crane KPK-ZH can be adjusted in height via two rack jack winches in an unloaded condition. Extent of supply for cranes: crane, crane test book with preliminary and construction test, operating instructions. Hoist is not included.

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