316 | Boulder Grab

The ideal grab for heavy, irregular blocks

The boulder grab was developed for the simple transport of irregular stones and boulders. Of course, elements with parallel sides can also be transported.

The large lever transmission and the rotating clamping jaw guarantee a stable load handling. The roughly profiled clamping jaws ensure a safe gripping. The clamping jaws can be replaced by hardened tips.

The holding down device is adjustable in height. When handling assymmetrical loads with an eccentric center of gravity the suspension eye can be exactly positioned above the center of gravity. The clamping jaws can be adjusted on both sides via bolts.

The boulder grab can be used with any material handling lifting equipment near to the ground. Remove bolt when picking up the load. When setting down the load the bolt will snap in by itself and the grab opens automatically.

Paint: orange, RAL 2000; beam and joining elements are galvanized.

Application made for patent.

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