816 | Beta-Levator

Beta Levator - the vacuum lifter for professionals

The vacuum lifter – battery- or mains operated

All smooth/rough and air-tight types of natural stoneand concrete paving can be easily lifted, transported and laid by the Beta Levator. Immediately after the Levator is positioned, it attaches itself securely to the paving. The Levator releases the paving, when required: open the valve.


The Beta Levator consists of a strong aluminium box with all component parts packed in. A vacuum pump creates the vacuum. The vacuum chamber is sealed by an elastic rubber. The self-adhesive sealing can easily be exchanged.

Basic equipment:

Vacuum lifter is fitted with a two men lifter for two men operation. The two men lifter can be adjusted in height from 500 to 700 mm and in width from 850 to 1,250 mm. One man lifter is also available. As standard the Levator is equipped with a water trap and a pressure gauge.

Battery operation:

The powerful lithium-ion battery has no memory effect and allows permanent operation of approx 3 hours. Charging time of approx 2 hours is required for the 220 V-50 Hz charger.

Mains operation:

The basic equipment is connected to 220 V power pack via a 5 m cable.

Suction pads of specific sizes on request.

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