817 | Beta-H-Levator

New Development 2019: Beta H-Levator 817

With the Beta H-Levator you can transport airtight panels effortlessly and safely in a horizontal position. Due to the use of interchangeable batteries, there are no disturbing cables. The low weight and easy handling allow ergonomic working.

The powerful rechargeable battery allows continuous operation for approx. 3 hours.

The charging time with the 220V/12V charger is approx. 2 hours. In accordance with EN 13155, the Beta H-Levator is designed for use on a crane, wheel loader or excavator and is equipped with the following safety devices: Warning light, pressure gauge, vacuum reservoir, dual actuation.

Lifting is carried out close to the ground. When used on construction sites, safety chains must be attached. The standard suction plate can be easily released with the two quick-release clamps. Suction plates in other dimensions are available on request.

The Beta H-Levator can be equipped with a remote control. A swivelling guide handle is available for safe guiding and operation in an upright position.

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