520 | Alu-Ruck-Zuck

Aluminium Crane: "Alu-Ruck-Zuck"

Beams and supports are made of lightweight aluminium profiles. Assembly can therefore be done quickly by one person.

The span is adjustable on one side at a distance of 300 mm. The height can be varied in increments of 100 mm on each side by means of pins. A ball-bearing trolley with brake is included in the delivery. By pressing against the load, it can be easily moved.

Stationary aluminium crane:

The ARZ aluminium crane is equipped with four base plates with rubber coating. The crane can be easily assembled by one person in five minutes. There are four support spindles for steps or uneven terrain.

Mobile aluminium crane:

The ARZ aluminium crane is equipped with four Vulkollan wheels. For easy assembly by one person, four support jacks are required. Four support spindles are available as accessories. Up to a load of 1,000 kg, two persons can move the crane under load on level, solid ground. Support spindles: Both versions can also be equipped with support spindles: Height 388 mm (250 mm by pinning, 138 mm above spindle). A second person is required to assemble the crane with support spindles.

Both versions can be equipped with a power supply for an electric hoist.

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